Faith of the Abomination documentary

A Revealing Experiment. An Astonishing Documentary

Rejected as lesbian ministers in the Evangelical Organization, would the SAME two women be accepted in the SAME Organization as man and wife?

Two lesbian ministers (Ceil and Han), frustrated by relentless persecution and rejection from the Evangelical Organization, devise and execute an unprecedented sociological experiment.

Their mission: Go undercover as heterosexual ministers (CL and Cammy Morrison), to infiltrate a dogmatic, Evangelical Mega-church deep in the heart of Texas. Penetrating the “inner circle” of the church leadership, their experiment would expose a scheme that’s sure to rock the foundation of fundamentalist religion.

The ultimate irony comes when the couple successfully dupe the homophobic pastor as he swindles his faithful followers to build a multi-million dollar empire.

“Faith of the Abomination”… A frightening journey with no scripts, no retakes, no safety net.